3 Recipes for Delicious Mini Moscow Mule Shots

Moscow Mules are a delicious drink that originated from Russia around the turn of the century. It's a beautiful combination of vodka, spicy ginger beer, lime juice, garnish with lime and other treats.

There's been many different ways to make Moscow Mules (usually served in a 16oz-20oz copper mug), but nothing gets the party started quite like a 2oz shot.  These Mini Moscow Mule Shot Recipes below are a quick mix and sure to wow your guest. You'll need theIngredients shown below. To leave a lasting impression, serve in BOS Mugshots™.

The Original Moscow Mule Shot

  • 4 ounces of high-grade vodka
  • 3 ounce of ginger Beer
  • 1 once of fresh lime juice
Yield 4 - 2oz Moscow Mule Shots

Holiday Spice Moscow Mule Shots 

  • 4 ounces of vodka
  • 2 ounces spicy ginger beer
  • 1 ounces of cranberry juice
  • 1/2 ounce of simple Syrup
  • 1/2 once of fresh lime juice
  • 1 mint leaf  (one for each Moscow Mule shot glass)
  • 1 quartered slice of orange  (one for each Moscow Mule shot glass)

Yield 4 - 2oz Moscow Mule Shots

Blueberry Spice Moscow Mule Shots 

  • 4 ounces of vodka
  • 1 ounces spicy ginger beer
  • 1 ounces of cranberry juice
  • 1/2 once of fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 once blueberry syrup
  • 1 mint leaf  (one for each Moscow Mule shot glass)
  • 1 quartered slice of orange  (one for each Moscow Mule shot glass)

Yield 4 - 2oz Moscow Mule Shots

Try them out and enjoy!  At the BOS office ours is the original and we love to serve them in the BOS Mugshots™ of course! Pick up your set of 4 mini Moscow Mule Shot Glasses today. For every set you purchase, we'll donate 15% of proceeds to MD Anderson. Learn more about our cause...

The best gift you can ever receive is given

Life is a busy thing and the truth is it doesn't really ever 'slow' down.  Sometimes, our lives can whip by with little focus on the people or things that make us truly happy. Taking a moment and recognizing what brings us lasting joy feels good. With a bit of clarity, you may find that giving your time, service,  and financial support to those in need brings a calmness into your life.



November marks a special time in the year, it's the start of the holidays, filled with positivity, and endless opportunities to give back.  Local communities and non-profits are starving for able people (like you and those who you love) to aid in in giving help to others. 

The holiday season BOS Drinkware encourages you to give back. Below are some tip to make it happen:

  • Give your time. Volunteer at your local community, church or non-profit. 
  • Offer your time.  Sometimes, those close to us are in need of support, but won't always ask. 
  • Donate to a non-profit that supports what you believe in.  If you believe in our cause of men's health, donate to MD Anderson under the fund "ORIGBOS" or shop our products because we donate 15%. They make fantastic gift for men.
  • Brighten someone's day through random acts of kindness.  Tomorrow, pay attention, you can find someone to bless before noon.

Let's Give Big This Year

So get out there and inspire a friend to join you!  Write a comment on what you plan to do and give some ideas to others. 


It's March, the month of spring breaks. Every week someone seems to be on spring break and if you're doing it right, your week of freedom involves Balls of Steel or the Napa Wine Chiller. We've got a list of how BOS products improve your spring break. If you already own one of these chillers then you will know all of these to be true. If you don't own one of these, then you'll be convinced. Here we go.

  1. Unless you're drinking coffee or hot cocoa, drinks are better cold. 
  2. BOS chillers keep your drinks cold for up to two hours. 
  3. Your drinks look cooler with steel chillers in them. 
  4. You'll feel good knowing you're supporting a worthy cause
  5. Spend less time waiting for ice, more time drinking the beverages you love.
  6. You can use BOS chillers in a variety of beverages.  
  7. Spark conversation.
Convinced yet? Shop now and improve your spring break instantly.
    Have you ever attempted to take your chilled, delicious drink outside when the temperature is rising? It's not an easy task. You either stay inside to keep your drink cool and keep the ice from melting or go outside to enjoy the weather and deal with a melted, diluted drink. Neither situation is fun and no one enjoys it, especially during spring break. Well, we're here to give solve your problems with these spring break necessities that will keep you and your drinks cool for your week of freedom before summer.


    Balls of Steel


    Balls of Steel are the perfect chilling tool for the whiskey lover. If you're planning on enjoying a few drams this spring break then you'll need a pair of Balls of Steel. These powerful chillers are stored in the freezer until ready for use where they are then dropped into your glass to enjoy your drink at the perfect temperature. You can sit outside and enjoy your whiskey without worrying about choosing between warm or cool and diluted. You can have cool with zero dilution with Balls of Steel!



    Napa Wine Chiller

    The Napa Wine Chiller can be used on many drinks to greatly improve your spring break. It is a single stainless steel sphere that is stored in the freezer until ready for use. Drop it in your glass and pour the desired beverage to enjoy it perfectly chilled for up to two hours. This can be used on wine, spirits, mixed drinks and even in non-alcoholic drinks. Use it in any of your drinks and you'll be able to enjoy it outside in the sun without worrying about dilution.



    Balls of Steel and the Napa Wine Chiller are the perfect chillers that are necessary to improve your spring break. Why waste your time off drinking watered down drinks when you can be enjoying a perfectly chilled beverage knowing that it will never become diluted? Besides, everyone could use a little bit of balls during their spring break!
    Yes, it may be called the Napa Wine Chiller but this stainless steel chilling powerhouse can be used on many more liquids than just wine. We're going to inform you on the many different ways you can use the Napa Wine Chiller.



    The above photo was taken during our awesome photoshoot with Bosscat Kitchen & Libations in December. The Napa Wine Chiller is being used in a few different drinks and they are all being chilled perfectly without any dilution.


    On the left you'll see a classic Old Fashioned. Some people prefer to drink the Old Fashioned without ice, but if you do prefer yours chilled then the Napa Wine Chiller is a fantastic alternative. You may have ordered an Old Fashioned in a bar and received it with a large sphere of ice. This ice may keep the drink cool but it also dilutes it incredibly! To fully enjoy the flavors in the old fashioned it is essential that there is no dilution. Use the Napa Wine Chiller to keep your Old Fashioned cool while still enjoying it exactly how it was made.


    In the middle you'll see a glass of white wine. This is the drink that inspired the Napa Wine Chiller. White wine must be served at the proper temperature to fully enjoy the flavors of the wine. Rather than waiting for a bottle to cool in the refrigerator, use the Napa Wine Chiller to cool a glass of room temperature wine in less than two minutes. You can also use the Napa Wine Chiller on red wines for a shorter period of time to get the glass to just below room temperature. In no time you'll be enjoying your favorite wine at the perfect temperature.


    Finally, on the right you'll see a mixed drink, specifically whiskey and coke. The Napa Wine Chiller works amazing in mixed drinks. Rather than filling your glass with a bunch of ice, you can use the Napa Wine Chiller to keep your drink perfectly chilled without any dilution. You won't have to worry about choosing between drinking your drink quickly or just accepting the dilution. You can enjoy your drink at the speed you desire with absolutely zero dilution thanks to the Napa Wine Chiller.


    Tell us in the comments what great drinks you've used the Napa Wine Chiller for!
    It's George Washington's birthday! At least the celebration of it. George Washington was born on February 22 1732, and most well known as the first president of the United States. We're here to inform you of a special fact (possibly the most important) about George Washington on this celebration of his birthday.




    George Washington owned a distillery!


    Yes, that's right. The first president of the United States loved to drink... in moderation, of course. Washington had no experience in distilling but was convinced to begin the operation by James Anderson, his Scottish farm manager. Washington began distilling in 1797, which only gave him two years with the distillery since he passed away in 1799 but it proved to be a success.


    It began with only two stills in a very small operation. This operation produced six hundred gallons which ended up selling for a good profit. From that moment, Washington was convinced. He and Anderson built a large scale distillery and began their business in Mount Vernon, Virginia. The distillery ended up being the largest one in the nation at that time!


    And the most common beverage produced by the distillery? That's right... whiskey! In Mount Vernon there is a fully functioning reconstruction of the distillery where small batches of George Washington's whiskey are sold once a year. Pretty rad. We wonder what George Washington would have thought about a pair of Balls of Steel back then. We think he'd be impressed.


    Be sure to celebrate George Washington's birthday today in the most proper way: Have a dram of your favorite whiskey in his honor.
    First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! We hope your day is already filled with lots of love and enjoyment on this fine Saturday. We're here to give a few suggestions on what to drink this evening! It's clear that we love whiskey and wine at OriginalBOS so we've got a few suggestions in that department.



    We'll go ahead and suggest a red if you're looking at wine this evening. This all depends on your dinner, of course. But red is the color of Valentine's Day so there's no better drink for today than a red wine! Don't forget to use the Napa Wine Chiller to get that red wine just below room temperature.


    If you're looking for a little bubbly, we'll suggest combining your favorite Champagne or sparkling wine with your favorite juice. We love pomegranate and cranberry over here and mixed with sparkling wine it makes a fantastic drink for Valentine's Day. It is a day for celebrating love, right?


    If you're looking for whiskey to drink on Valentine's Day then we have a few suggestions. The Macallan 12 year is always a good option. The taste is fantastic and if your date is a whiskey lover, (s)he will absolutely love it and likely already know about it. Don't forget to use Balls of Steel to keep your whiskey at the perfect temperature. If you're looking for a whiskey cocktail, the Scarlett O'Hara (Southern Comfort, cranberry juice, squeeze of lime) is a great drink for Valentine's Day. It has a beautiful red color and will be a delight for the whiskey lover. You can also use the Napa Wine Chiller in a mixed drink instead of ice to avoid dilution! Give it a try with this Scarlett O'Hara.


    We hope everyone's Valentine's day goes off fantastic. Tell us in the comments what your plans are for today!

    Valentine's Day Gifts

    February 02, 2015


    We're back with another feature for Valentine's Day gifts! There is now less than two weeks until February 14th and an even shorter amount of time to lock down a gift. What will you give your Valentine on this special day that is fast approaching? We're here with another fantastic Valentine's Day gift.




    The Mustache Bottle Opener Coaster! This coaster is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your love. It's sleek and stylish with the mustache cutout and looks fantastic on any coffee table. It also features cork stoppers so that the coasters won't slip. It's perfect for anyone who enjoys a drink, especially someone who enjoys whiskey and beer. Have you ever seen how nice a whiskey glass looks on these coasters? Look below! Give your love this Mustache Bottle Opener Coaster for Valentine's Day and they'll never need another bottle opener OR coaster again.



    The Bottle Opener Coasters come in sets of two or four. Purchase the best Valentine's Day gift here.
    Valentine's Day is almost upon us! There are 17 days left until February 14th and if you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gifts (you probably are) then you've come to the right place.


    Today we'll be sharing the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the wine lover. If you're planning a romantic night, you probably have wine somewhere in your plan. Wine is a delicate drink that must be served at the proper temperature to be enjoyed properly, especially on Valentine's Day.


    The Napa Wine Chiller is essential to having the perfect Valentine's Day wine. Made of the highest grade stainless steel, the Napa Wine Chiller will cool a glass of room temperature wine in less than two minutes and last for up to two hours. The Napa Wine chiller is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the wine lover, or for anyone who loves a drink.


    Purchase your Napa Wine Chiller here and give your Valentine just what they've been lusting after.

    February is fast approaching, and before you know it you’ll be surrounded by red and pink hearts, flowers, chocolates and balloons everywhere! But the one gift that you haven’t received for Valentine’s Day is the best one.

    Balls of Steel! These stainless steel whiskey chillers are the way to any true whiskey lover’s heart this Valentine's Day. Forgo the traditional flowers and chocolate and get your loved one a set of Balls of Steel. Thanks to the Arctic Core technology locked in the center of each ball, your whiskey will remain completely chilled at the perfect temperature for hours without any dilution. It’s the perfect gift for Valentine's Day!


    If you’re looking for the way to your whiskey lover’s heart this Valentine's Day, you need to get them Balls of Steel! And if you are the whiskey lover, then might we suggest dropping a few hints? 


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