Balls of Steel Stainless Steel Ice Members Society

March 15, 2014


Stainless steel ice is great but community it better. 

Whiskey members societies are on the rise and we want to jump on that train, but in the stainless steel ice. But what’s better than a whiskey members society? A Balls of Steel stainless steel ice members society. Not only do we supply the most badass stainless steel ice on the market but also we have the ability to create a pretty badass community to support men through stainless steel ice. 

We’re not just selling stainless steel ice here, we’re creating a support community and what better way to do that than through a good glass of whiskey. You become a member of the Balls of Steel society the second you buy our stainless steel ice. 

Go check out our stainless steel ice and how you can become a part of our very own Balls of Steel members society.


Mackenna Waterhouse
Mackenna Waterhouse


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