Best Fall Wines

September 23, 2014


The top 6 Best Fall Wines


Happy first day of fall! It was a great summer and we are a little sad to see it go, but we are ready to welcome the new season with pumpkin drinks, cooler weather and most importantly, the best fall wines! 

We tend to enjoy the rosés and whites in the summer time but we can't wait to try full and flavorful reds this time of year. Here's our foolproof guide to choosing the best fall wines to pick up for dinners and parties.


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Best Bold Wines

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
You'll enjoy this full bodied red because of its dark fruit flavors. Cabernets are made with blackberries, black cherries and black currant. Cabs pair perfectly with high fat foods such as steaks or even burgers! Because of this pairing, the Cab made our best fall wines list. 
  • Syrah
Choose a Syrah wine and you will enjoy a mix of flavors from blackberries and boysenberries to pepper and smoke. Choose a Syrah if you'll be enjoying bold flavored foods, which will bring out the flavors in the wine. 

Best Earthy Wines

  • Pinot Noir
This made our best fall wines list because it is one of the lighter reds that has such sweet flavors. You'll taste cranberry and cherry with subtle flavors of vanilla and clove that is the perfect pair with most foods. Choose a pinot noir if you are having a party and be sure to pair it with your favorite cheese!
  • Chianti
Ahhh Chianti classico. Who doesn't love an Italian wine? Chiantis have beautiful floral notes along with a slight earthy taste which is why it made our best fall wines list. Choose a bottle that is stamped with DOCG to guarantee its quality and origin. 



Best Fruity Wines

  • Grenache
This wine made our best fall wines list because of the sweetness we all love. It's not overpowering and you will taste the strawberries, raspberries and black cherries with a slight spice. Because of this spice, the Grenache pairs well with roasted meats and vegetables. There is also a high alcohol percentage in Grenache wines which will reduce the burn in spicy foods. 
  • Merlot
The merlot is a great introductory wine because of its sweetness and smooth finish. Merlots pair well with many foods because it is a fairly neutral red that doesn't have any particular overpowering flavors. You wouldn't want to eat spicy foods with a merlot because it would drown out the flavors in the wine. Other than that, the Merlot pairs well with a wide variety of foods which is why it made our best fall wines list. 
So there you have it, our best fall wines list! Let us know in the comments what wines you tried and loved or any of your personal fall favorites. 

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    Chelsea Bakken




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