Diluted Drinks

October 27, 2014


Watered down drinks is downright scary


It’s Halloween time and the festivities, decorations, and costumes are everywhere you turn and even possibly scaring you! At OriginalBOS, we only have one fear: diluted drinks!


Our mission at OriginalBOS is to combat watery, diluted drinks while making a difference raising awareness for issues that matter, and we are so happy to be able to do that.


It’s always a tough spot when you have to choose between a cold but diluted drink or room temperature. Both options are just settling But with OriginalBOS products, you don’t have to worry about diluted drinks!




If you place an ice cube in your wine or whiskey, it will be melted within 30 minutes leaving you with a watery, over-diluted drink that you won’t enjoy. When you use the Napa Wine Chiller and Balls of Steel you can enjoy your wine and whiskey free of dilution and you can help support men’s health at the same time.


Fifteen percent of our proceeds are donated to men's health, allowing you to enjoy perfectly chilled beverages while helping an overlooked cause.



Comment below and tell us your favorite drinks to enjoy with OriginalBOS products… dilution free!

Chelsea Bakken
Chelsea Bakken


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