Balls of Steel - Drink Cooler with a Cause

If you're looking to help cure cancer & build a community. You've come to the right place.


Balls of Steel

Ball of Steel are premium drink cooler with a cause

Specially design & forged from the highest quality of stainless steel BOS (short for Balls of Steel) chill your whiskey, wine, or sprits faster and more efficiently than ice without destroying the low notes or diluting the flavor any connoisseur strives to uphold. Balls of Steel also support a cause, read below...


To use Balls of Steel, follow these simple steps:

  • Activate Balls of Steel by placing the into the freezer for 90 mins
  • Once chilled, gently place them in your favorite drink. 
  • Gently roll Balls back and forth to chill, remove and enjoy!
  • NOTE* Along with your set you will receive a carrying case, pair of tongs, wrist band, and instruction booklet. 


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Your Purchase will support testicular cancer research and community building.

Behind Balls of Steel is a strong cause, raising awareness and research funding for testicular cancer cure research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Testicular Cancer Society.

Enjoy using Balls of Steel whiskey drink coolers knowing that you are supporting a cause. From each purchase 15% is donated to testicular cancer research.

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