Keep it Straight Up T-Shirt


Balls of Steel Tee

If there’s one motto we live by around the OriginalBOS office it’s "Keep it Straight Up." Whether it comes to business strategies, delicious drinks or everyday conversations, we live and die by it. And now we want to welcome you to the club with the Keep it Straight Up Tee.


- The Design

The goal behind our Keep it Straight Up Tee isn’t just to keep you looking as ahead of the design curve as possible but to get some conversations started. We here at OriginalBOS want YOU to speak up and Keep it Straight Up in your conversations about testicular cancer. After all, it’s hard to create a supportive community when no one will talk about the problem.

So when someone says, “Hey cool shirt, where’d it come from?” offer them some honest statistics rather than a URL and let’s start changing our community.


- The Cause

Like always, 15 percent of each purchase will go directly toward funding testicular cancer research initiatives, which is where our dedication to the Keep it Straight Up campaign comes in. Scroll down to find out more about our company philosophy and giving structure.


Materials: Soft, Never Shrink Tri-Blend Cotton fabric /  UV resistant ink 

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